You are currently viewing EU vs Virus Challenge Pan-EU Hackathon – April 24-26, 2020

The European Commission will hold an event entitled EU vs Virus Hackathon from 24 to 26 April 2020. The event will take place under the auspices of European Commissioner Maryia Gabriel and aims to develop innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of the current pandemic.

As the event’s ambassador, USH Pro Business invites interested individuals to register on the website ( The event can also be watched on the channels:

The action is intended to speed up the process of collaboration at European level between Member States on applied research. Structured communities of practice are formed, which will connect experts in several fields from civil society, partners and business representatives from across Europe, in order to find and evaluate for funding, innovative solutions to combat coronavirus and its effects. The proposed areas are extremely diverse and aim at the transfer of knowledge and innovative solutions that can be implemented throughout the European single market.