Spiru Haret University , founded in 1991, is the largest private university of Romania. USH through its USH Pro Business centre is the main founder and coordinator of 2 national consortia of clusters - Inter-Bio (agro-ecology) and Wallachia Hub (organic product, engineering, manufacturing, heritage). In 2018, USH co-founded and manages DIH Smart eHub. In 2019, USH was involved in the creation of WEH, as an extended of consortia of regional clusters, hence its capacity to deliver DIH type of services

The University of Petroleum - Gas from Ploieşti


University of Petroleum-Gas from Ploieşti was established in 1948. The five faculties of UPG are focused on research activities as well as on strengthening the relation with the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem (UPG is already a member in 3 clusters). UPG’s staff has expertise in digital technologies (detecting or predicting the occurrence of industrial process disruptions and facility outages, evaluating their criticality for achieving your planned operational performance and the risks for safety and facility integrity, AI Profiling and Accurate demand forecasting, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics of advanced software solutions for optimization of industrial processes). This expertise has been applied in projects and developed together with companies.

Danube Engineering Hub


Danube Engineering Hub is a cluster organisation located in RSM, Ploieşti with an active role in DIH. DEH connects and harmonises the interests of businesses, research, administration and catalyst entities, in areas like training, internationalisation and new skills. DEH developed experience in engineering intelligence and digital engineering business models. DEH focuses on future skills related to “digital engineer” working in more automated enterprises and using digital twin models.



APTE-ELINCLUS Cluster cluster is represented by SME companies involved in the development of electronic products in various fields, such as: telecommunication, intelligent systems, automation, monitoring and control, high precision measurements - carrying out research, development and innovation materialised in patents. APT has on its premise a notable infrastructure for development of innovative electronics products as well as technological consultancy - equipment and software for modelling, simulation and designing small and medium complexity electronics modules.



Technology Enabled Construction Cluster : The cluster brings together organisations from the private sector, academia and research, the associative environment and the public environment, focused on increasing competitiveness through innovation, co-creation and integration throughout the value chain in the construction industry.

HEVECO SRL is an engineering company founded in 2004, is located in Ploiesti. Active in: Architectural, Engineering, Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, Business Support Services, Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing, Consumer Goods Rental. Main activities: engineering, surveying, urban planning, geospatial services, mapping, GIS project management, construction management, developments.

Unbox Management Solutions

Unbox Management Solutions is a technology and consultancy company founded in 2019, provides innovative management and business consulting services of the highest quality and develops technology products with market applicability in the field of ICT and digitisation. It has experts with vast technical and business experience.

Audit SRL is a consultancy company founded in 1999. AUD assists companies in building market strategies, development of business and product plans, marketing and communication end2end campaigns, creative finance reporting & controlling, tax & accounting, HR Restructuring Projects, Expansion.

ENCORSA SRL is a company that enables companies to find and master the right mix for Digital Transformation, with robust solutions for hyper-automation processes that bring together RPA, Low-Code BPMs, and Chat-bots equipped with AI. Put together, all three technologies behave as a digital space where humans and software robots work together. Its mission is to help companies’ resilient in a fast-changing world with the implementation of innovative technologies such as automated processes or workflows.

Kognitive Manufacturing Tech SRL


Kognitive Manufacturing Tech SRL is a start-up founded in 2020, and has developed a dedicated Industry 4.0 SaaS business process automation platform for the manufacturing industry. This is an innovative solution as it increases a company’s performance and sustainability. It also contributes to the optimisation of operational processes, and enhancement of digital skills.

Greentronics SRL is a SME founded in 2007, offers digitalisation services for office environment and is authorised by The National Environment Protection Agency as a waste carrier and WEEE treatment facility. GRE has experts in WEEE Recycling and Reuse, Circular Economy and Business Process Digitalisation Services.



BEIA CONSULT INTERNATIONAL SRL is a technology company founded in 1991. It has a computing infrastructure composed of a distributed cloud platform. The company has a telecommunications network for developing and testing applications and a remote monitoring telemetry server with management software for viewing, processing and distribution of information. BEI runs a concurrent engineering platform, while the IoT telemetry server is web-based, serving thousands of customers and processing information from thousands of sensors.

Bucharest Promo Robots


Bucharest Promo Robots is a technology company, founded in 2017. It promotes and integrates robotics, automation and IoT solutions in Romania and international markets. The organisation offers digital transformation support services, such as raising awareness about the potential of automation, and its ethical aspects and challenges. The company is very much involved in the automation and digitalization of the agricultural field, being one of the founder members of Green Rural HUB – a physical place dedicated to trainings in precision agriculture. The company is also a member of euRobotics – the European network for civil robotics and its CEO is a member of the Board and a member of AI Alliance.

OMEGA Trust SRL company stands out in the business environment as a strong competitor on the market in ICT consulting and information security auditing. Its contribution to WEH will be on IT Audit risk assessment evaluations, IT Cybersecurity pen-testing and reports, Grant advisory for supporting ICT development.

Integrisoft Solutions


Integrisoft Solutions was founded in 1999, has a portfolio of high-performance and innovative software solutions covering a wide, adaptive range of necessities: implementation, data processing, business analysis, software development, support & maintenance, training, consultancy, post-implementation services, etc.

Petal S.A. - CERMAND


Petal S.A. - CERMAND is a technology company founded in 1992. It is one of the best-known oil-plant units and oil field equipment manufacturers for various geographical climate and environmental conditions, equipment items and spare parts made for the petroleum and pit gas drilling and extraction. As coordinator of CERMAND cluster, the Black Sea and Danube renewable energy cluster is catalysing a group of industry, research and administration members to co-operate in green energy and energy efficiency in order to provide a comprehensive package of sustainable and competitive services: providing consultancy, developing joint projects, exchanging experience of cluster members, supporting the common interests of members and developing their very own high-level training structures.

InPulse SRL


InPulse SRL was founded in 2005 and is mainly specialised mainly in supporting the innovation and internationalisation of SMEs. It has been acting as the official representative of the Fair of Leipzig (since 2007) and Nurnberg (since 2008). Tt has organised participation of Romanian companies to numerous international ICT and industry fairs such as Hannover Messe, CEBIT, Systems etc. Since 2008, InPulse has been acting as a regional point of the EEN.