Modern universities are taking on increasingly important roles in regional development, becoming a key factor in the processes of intelligent specialization both in terms of educational services and research-development-innovation. The processes of intelligent specialization, of digital transformation, meant to ensure an increased regional competitiveness at European and global level presuppose the accentuated involvement of the academic environment. As at the level of companies, cluster-type associative structures allow efficient collaborative processes, and at the level of universities, such support structures are needed. The Wallachia Hub Consortium ( was created in 2019 as a regional cooperation structure that brings together several clusters that include universities and university entrepreneurship centers in the region (USH Pro Business, Petroleum-Gas ​​University of Ploiești, Valahia University of Târgoviște). Starting from the idea of ​​this consortium, we propose a meeting at the university level with the participation of the Wallachia Hub cluster managers to discuss the collaboration in the regional university space in the presence of the representatives of South-Muntenia Regional Development Agency. The main idea of ​​the debate is that of a collaboration between universities with the aim of increasing their capacity to get involved in regional projects and creating the “Muntenia Unversitas” consortium of higher education institutes from the region.


  • Presentation of smart specialization objectives at regional level for their connection with the objectives of a regional university consortium
  • Presentation of regional university consortium “Muntenia Universitas” concept
  • Funding opportunities

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