Wallachia eHub has developed on the basis of the Wallachia Hub regional cluster consortium and on innovative regional clusters and ecosystems from the South-Muntenia region created in the last 5 years. Thus, the Wallachia consortium includes the Danube Engineering Hub clusters, Bio Concept Prahova Valley, Danube Furniture Cluster, CERMAND, as well as the USH Pro Business entrepreneurial center. Each of these entities has been active at regional level, independently of each other, with a range of services related to innovation management and the stimulation of smart specialization.

Specific to these structures was to link the demand and regional supply of services, for which there were both providers of digitization services and beneficiaries from manufacturing, agriculture and food processing, tourism, logistics services, creative industries, etc.

In November 2019, in the context of growing interest in clusters and entities in the region to support smart specialization policy at the regional level, the Wallachia Hub consortium was formed with the aim of developing smart specialization connections and opportunities between various branches of the regional economy.

Since its formation, the consortium has taken on member experience in the field of digital innovation and has had constant concerns related to developing digitization services for members. In this context, in May 2020, Wallachia eHub was created as a Digital Innovation Center structure within the consortium. In parallel, the universities in the consortium stimulated the creation of a regional alliance structure between universities - Muntenia Universitas. Wallachia eHub is currently evaluating this hub on the European JRC platform.

The Wallachia eHub Secretariat is located in Ploiești, Str. Alexandru Vlahuță no. 24, building A, room 2 at the consortium headquarters.

The Wallachia eHub consortium has physical and technical infrastructure at the level of its members (SMEs, universities - Petrol-Gas University of Ploiești, Valahia University of Târgoviște, Spiru Haret University, Ploiești branch, Pro Transfer Ploiești Technology Transfer Center, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prahova etc.).

The physical infrastructure consists of halls, laboratories, and the technical one in human resources (experts from the academic, entrepreneurial environment).

The team and the mode of governance

Wallachia eHub is made up of founding members and subsequent members covering a wide range of skills and business profiles.

Thus, the founding members are formed by Danube Engineering Hub, Bio Concept Prahova Valley, Danube Furniture Cluster, CERMAND, as well as the USH Pro Business entrepreneurial center.

The adhering members are territorial chambers, professional associations or organizations, SMEs, local authorities, etc.

In order to ensure the governance of the consortium, the strategic and management area and the execution area were clearly delimited according to the organizational chart below.

The Wallachia eHub Digital Innovation Center builds its strength on the skills and dedication and teamwork of its members which combines the managerial skills of business development, digital innovation management with technical expertise and knowledge of the academic environment specialized in fields of applications of digital technologies. Specific to the center is the fact that it brings together both the beneficiaries and the providers of digital services, as well as previous experiences in technology transfer entities, brokerage, specific services such as European Enterprise Network, etc.

There is a clear delimitation of competencies and roles at both the strategy and execution level. Thus, job descriptions were created in which the team members specialize both sectorally in terms of customers that the center will serve on target groups, and on the profile areas of the service offer.

Business model

Wallachia eHub wants to coordinate and stimulate the process of digital transformation in the Muntenia region for SMEs, clusters and other innovative alliances of the local business environment, as well as for other interested organizations, public or private. To this end, we target packages of integrated digitization services that we will adapt to the needs of regional customers, in all phases of their development, start-ups, maturities, business alliances, internationalization, etc. Both start-ups and emerging companies are of interest to Wallachia eHub in their digital race. The service packages will have several dimensions: educational, coaching and consulting, knowledge transfer and technologies with an emphasis on smart regional areas of specialization. Given the existence within the consortium of both technology providers, education and research, and beneficiaries, Wallachia eHub will become a reference center for quality services both for the region and at national and international level.

Wallachia eHub aims to deliver service packages supported by consortium members. These will be available on the websites of the companies that have supported these services. At the same time, the physical facilities of the centers offered by the founding members will be used to facilitate the implementation of DIHs services for start-ups and SMEs that acquire digital knowledge and skills.