The Wallachia eHub digital innovation center was admitted to the European EDIH network – European Digital Innovation Hub, following the national selection procedure organized by the Romanian Digitization Agency. The center is already active regionally and will support in the future advanced digital solutions both in the activity of companies and in public sector institutions, being specialized in digital solutions and interoperability in the public sector.

Wallachia eHub is an open consortium currently made up of clusters, universities, professional associations, chambers of commerce, technology transfer centers and SMEs. It has a management entity at the headquarters of the Danube Engineering Hub cluster in Ploiești.

The main goal of Wallachia eHub is to promote and support regional digital transformation through projects aligned with the objectives of the European Commission and the European Union in the field of digitization.

Wallachia eHub will coordinate and stimulate the digital transformation process in the South Muntenia region for SMEs, clusters and other innovative alliances of the local business environment, as well as for other interested organizations, either public or private.

 “Our hub is a structure open to partnerships with private and public regional actors that can be both beneficiaries of specialized services and providers. We already have integrated service packages and a practical experience that has been well appreciated “, said prof. Univ. dr. Irina Gabriela Rădulescu, DIH coordinator and dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences within the Ploiești Oil-Gas University, member of Wallachia eHub.

“We have reached an important stage and we want to continue towards European recognition within the Digital Europe program. The South Muntenia region, although at a low level of digital development, has a great potential in key industries such as agriculture, tourism, smart localities, energy, manufacturing. We will try to serve both these beneficiaries and the need at the level of public authorities “, said Costin Lianu, president of Wallachia eHub, general manager of USH Pro Business, founding member of the hub.

“We are delighted with this recognition and can say that Wallachia Hub, the cluster consortium I represent, has both the skills and the willingness to support this center. We represent both beneficiary companies and digital service providers, we have been involved in many events and we have made human and financial resources available. We will organize events in the future not only out of the desire for European recognition, but also because the acceleration of these digital processes brings us competitive advantages “, said Costin Trandafir, president of the Wallachia Hub cluster consortium, Danube Engineering Hub cluster and general manager of Heveco SRL, specialized in GIS technologies.