The process of intelligent specialization in the South-Muntenia region cannot be decoupled from the digital transformation of the region. In fact, smart specialization requires an acceleration of digitization. Clusters have an important role to play in accelerating this process. Wallachia eHub is a consortium created by five non-governmental organisations, especially clusters, comprising universities and companies active in several sectors like: geographical information systems, design, IT&C, furniture, green energy, organic farming, oil and gas, and research and educational services. The hub, created on March 13, 2020, based on a previous collaboration of the member parties, called Wallachia Consortium, is a non-profit organization with a managerial unit located in Ploiesti, at the headquarters of a founding member, Danube Engineering Hub. Since its formation, the Wallachia Hub cluster consortium wants to contribute to the region's smart specialization process. Moreover, it has developed a collaboration with the Smart eHub digital center to jointly analyze digitization objectives in the Bucharest-Ilfov and South-Muntenia regions.

Wallachia Hub members