Innovation ecosystem and Networking

WEH ́s consortium uses its expertise and network membership in European corridors and international networks to stimulate and promote success stories regarding the digitalization of organizations, member companies; participate in national and international digital events (fairs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc.) as well as annual regional events dedicated to digital transformation where attendees include policy-makers, ICT innovative solutions providers, business management representatives, venture capital, investors; maintain structured long-term relationships with the relevant local actors like regional authorities, industrial clusters, SME associations, business development, agencies, incubators.

As a result of meticulous effort and collaboration, we prepared a document that underscores our success in fostering community growth and forging valuable synergies with prominent European initiatives, notably EEN (Enterprise Europe Network). Additionally, it highlights our fruitful collaborations with other EDIHs, the Danube Corridor initiative, as well as our partnerships with Clusters and innovative SMEs. The document is encompassing a range of initiatives and events that have been strategically designed to further expand the WEH community.