Skills and training

WEH consortium focuses on developing specific skills through training courses adapted to the needs and digital gaps sector specifics (energy, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism etc.). Our network provides competent trainers and practitioners in the following key enabling technologies: AI, Cybersecurity, robotics, blockchain, Big Data, systems modelling, location-based technologies, interoperability and digital solutions. We provide both general training and skills services for beginners and more in-depth training sessions delivered after segmenting types of clients (managers, employees, tailor-made programs responding to specific needs of SMEs, small mid-caps in the region and public authorities).

We adapt training formats in areas like digital engineering, green transition, BIM, strategic digital transformation, ethics in AI, IoT technology development, basics of cybersecurity for non-IT specialists, optimization of workflows, Big Data, cloud computing, low-code BPM, chatbots, robotics for agriculture, entrepreneurial digitalization, dual-use technology etc.

Wallachia eHUB partners delivers training services in three packages formats:

  1. Package 1: Technologically focused executive courses on AI, robotics, blockchain and cybersecurity applications for executive and management levels from each target sector.
  2. Package 2: Lecture-trainings oriented towards employees/ workers (implementation of advanced technologies, ethical issues, implications and application methodologies).
  3. Package 3: Tailor-made courses to SMEs needs, provided directly at their headquarters and meeting specific requests to training focused on applications of specific technologies.

The detailed list of trainings provided by Wallachia eHUB Partners: